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Single Serve coffee was created for convenience- an easy and fast way to make a quick cup of coffee.

But the taste was never as good as fresh brewed coffee.

Until now!

The old-fashioned plastic KCups are polluting our planet and providing bad coffee. We use a specially designed KCup that allow us to deliver much fresher coffee to you. Plus our KCups are biodegradable and recyclable.

Standard Kcups punch a hole in the top and the bottom so the coffee can run straight through the coffee grinds.

Notice the pictures – instead of a plastic KCup, our KCup has filters wrapped around the sides. Our KCup is also shorter so only 1 hole is punched in the top of the KCup. The water is forced to cover all the grounds improving the flavor.

We call this Brew Turbulence– brewing coffee more like a french press than running through a plastic cup.

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