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What is a subscription?

When you place a subscription order, you receive the same order every month. You are subscribing to our automated service to deliver you the same products, at the same price, on a regular basis.

You can always find your subscription orders by clicking on My Account.

When will my subscription ship?

You order is scheduled to ship every month on the same day the first order was placed. For example. If your first order is placed on the 15th every month, your next orders will all be placed on the 15th of each month thereafter. Orders are typically shipped within a few business days after the order is placed. Shipping normally takes less than 5 days in the United States. Hawaii and Alaska may take longer.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes, you can change your subscription at any time. There are pictures below to show where you need to click.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

To cancel your membership, log in to your dashboard, navigate to “My Account” and select “Cancel Subscription” and complete the steps. There are no cancellation fees. Canceling your account does not provide you a refund for any orders that have shipped, nor does it stop a pending charge.

Your cancellation will go into effect for the following billing cycle.

If you have any questions or would like to reactivate, reach out to our Customer Care Team the email form at the bottom of every page, or call us at 888.680.6630.

My Account

Here is a short tutorial about My Account.
Click on SUBSCRIPTIONS to edit, change, or cancel your subscription.

Edit Subscription Order

You can Cancel, Change Address, Change Payment and Renew your subscription order.

Add To Your Subscription Order

When you are shopping, look for the box next to the red arrow to add a new product to your subscription order.